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089I – Keeping a Travel Journal: An Interview with Marcy Weydemuller

Episode 089I Keeping a Travel Journal

Editor and writing teacher Marcy Weydemuller is back to show us how to use travel journaling to create both fiction and nonfiction. She’s been blogging about the topic (starting with this post) as well as several other topics in her journaling series. She’s got some great ideas on how to get started and how to…

088I – The Fascinating World of Mystical Realism: An Interview with Shawn Smucker

Episode 088I Fascinating World of Mystical Realism

Shawn Smucker is the author of the young adult book, The Day the Angels Fell, and the brand new sequel, The Edge of Over There, tales of mystery and magic that will leave you wanting more. Today, Shawn talks to us about his journey to fiction and how it started by writing a nonfiction book for…