021E – Fighting Insecurity

Episode 021E Fighting Insecurity

Some days you just aren’t feeling like interacting with other people, but depending on your job, you may have to. You might have to be “on” whether you feel like it or not. And sometimes those days will make it easier for our insecurities to surface. We don’t feel like we look good enough, act…

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020I – Narrating Your Own Audiobooks: An Interview with Mary Castillo

Episode 020I Narrating Your Own Audiobooks

Paranormal mystery author Mary Castillo wanted to get her books into audio, but the cost of hiring a narrator was prohibitive. So she did some research and decided to try it herself. She recorded one chapter a week of Lost in the Light and posted each chapter as a podcast episode. To her surprise and…

018E Ebb and Flow

Episode 018E Ebb and Flow

Thinking back over the difficult times I’ve gone through, and how it has affected my writing, and then thinking about the good times, I started thinking about how life is an ebb and flow. Of course, that would explain why my writing good times and hard times also have an ebb and flow. Knowing that…

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017I – How Toastmasters Helped My Writing: An Interview with Stephanie Shackelford

Episode 017I How Toastmasters Helped My Writing

Fantasy writer Stephanie Shackelford is our guest today explaining how Toastmasters helped her become a better writer. She realized one day that what she learned about making better speeches was spilling over into her writing. While Stephanie has found that it’s in the rewrite process that she’s seen these improvements, I was listening to her…