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038I – Writing a Kindle World Mini-Series: An Interview with Linda Carroll-Bradd

Episode 038I Writing a Kindle World Mini-Series

Linda Carroll-Bradd writes heartwarming contemporary and historical romances with a touch of humor. She is the author of the Entertainers of the West mini-series within Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Kindle World. Linda talks with us about what it’s like to write in someone else’s world, and how she created her mini-series within the Montana Sky…

035I – Writing in a Kindle World: An Interview with Debra Holland

Episode 035I Writing in a Kindle World

Debra Holland is the creator and original author of the Montana Sky series of books, which became a Kindle World on Amazon. That means other authors can choose to write in the fictional world she created. Debra explains how Kindle Worlds work, and how they are different from each other in terms of how the…