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122I – Finding Your Voice in Audiobooks: An Interview with Will Dages

Episode 122I Finding Your Voice in Audiobooks

Will Dages joins us today from Findaway Voices, part of the larger company, Findaway. Will is Head of Product there, which is perfect for him since he’s an avid audiobook listener and the kind of guy you can tell really wants to help you, the author, succeed. After a quick background into how they started…

118I – Writing For a Brand: An Interview with Nancy Naigle

Episode 118I Writing For a Brand

Today’s author, Nancy Naigle, is a delight to talk to! She’s got such great stories about how she started writing, how she got involved with Hallmark Publishing, the excitement of seeing Hallmark movies adapted from two of her books (Christmas Joy and Hope at Christmas, published by St. Martin’s Griffin), and how fun it is…

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117I – All I Want For Christmas Is a Book Contract: An Interview with Alys Murray

Episode 117I All I Want For Christmas Is a Book Contract

New author Alys Murray joins us today to talk about her first book, The Christmas Company, released by Hallmark Publishing in October 2018. Alys shares her journey from finding Hallmark’s call for unagented writers to submitting her manuscript to finding an agent to selling two more books – all in short order. Quite the exciting…

115I – How the Story Changes: An Interview with Shawn Smucker

Episode 115I How the Story Changes: An Interview with Shawn Smucker

Today, we’re back again with Shawn Smucker, but this time we’re talking about nonfiction and his new memoir, Once We Were Strangers. It’s the story of how Shawn came to have a friendship with a Syrian refugee in Shawn’s hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how their friendship changed both men. This book moved me like…

113I – Imagining a Real Life: An Interview with Jane Kirkpatrick

Episode 113I Imagining a Real Life - An Interview with Jane Kirkpatrick

Jane Kirkpatrick writes historical fiction from a different angle. She researches fascinating real people and then writes what’s missing from history — their personal stories. Everything She Didn’t Say is the latest of Jane’s novels. It’s about the real and imagined life of Carrie Strahorn, a pioneer woman and journalist of the late 19th century.…