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076T – Burnout: Getting Through to the Other Side

Episode 076T Burnout Getting Through to the Other Side

In this deeply personal episode about my journey into burnout and my quest for a way out, I mention several articles and Bible verses which helped change my perspective and show me a path back to peace. Among those is this article on Psychology Today, “The Telltale Symptoms of Burnout…Do You Have Them?“ Definitely look…

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075E – Follow the Cheerios

Episode 075E Follow the Cheerios

As I’ve been struggling to figure out where I’m going in life, a scene came to mind from the movie, Monsters, Inc. Near the beginning, when Sully and Mike are hiding Boo and trying to figure out how to get her back to her own world without getting caught, they are all in Sully‚Äôs apartment…

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066E – When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

Episode 066E When Expectations Don't Meet Reality

I’ve been doing some work the last week or two on recovering my lost joy and regaining deep peace. I’ve found a lot of helpful references in my Bible and with my friends. But a lot of introspection led me to think about the adage that frustration comes when expectations don’t meet reality. That’s so…

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