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110I – Hallmark Publishing Needs Sweet Stories: An Interview with Stacey Donovan

Episode 110I Hallmark Publishing Needs Sweet Stories

Editor Stacey Donovan joins us today to tell us about Hallmark Publishing! I’ve been talking about this new publisher of sweet romances and cozy mysteries for months now. Stacey talks about pitching the idea to the Hallmark CEO, getting the first books written as novelizations of existing Hallmark movies, and then her own romance novel…

101I – Querying and Getting THE CALL: An Interview with Claire Eliza Bartlett

Episode 101I Querying and Getting The Call

We writers love stories, and some of the most exciting are stories of getting THE CALL – from an agent who wants to represent our books (and with whom we’re now working happily ever after), and from our agent or an editor who wants to buy our books. Claire Eliza Bartlett, our guest today, tells…

100I – The Expanding World of Kobo: An Interview with Christine Munroe

Episode 100I The Expanding World of Kobo

Today marks the 100th episode of WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast! Woohoo!!! 😀 Very exciting day for me! To celebrate, I asked Christine Munroe, Director of Kobo Writing Life, if she would be our guest today. 😀 She graciously agreed, and we had a wonderful time talking about all the many things Kobo is doing with…