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023I – Writing Point of View: An Interview with Jacqueline Diamond

Episode 23 Writing Point of View

Our guest today is Jacqueline Diamond, author of over 100 novels as well as How to Write a Novel in One (Not-So-Easy) Lesson, a book of lessons and helpful tips to help writers create better stories. A former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist, Jacqueline Diamond has won a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times magazine,…

017I – How Toastmasters Helped My Writing: An Interview with Stephanie Shackelford

Episode 017I How Toastmasters Helped My Writing

Fantasy writer Stephanie Shackelford is our guest today explaining how Toastmasters helped her become a better writer. She realized one day that what she learned about making better speeches was spilling over into her writing. While Stephanie has found that it’s in the rewrite process that she’s seen these improvements, I was listening to her…

014I – Writing From the Middle: An Interview with James Scott Bell

Episode 014I Writing From the Middle

James Scott Bell is a Christy Award-winning and International Thriller Writers Award-winning author in several fiction genres, and a beloved and sought-after writing teacher. He has written many nonfiction titles on the craft of writing, including several for Writer’s Digest Books. In today’s episode, Jim talks about how he got the idea for his craft…

013T – What Are We Going to Write Next?

Episode 013T What Are We Going to Write Next

Whether you’re first starting out, or you’ve published several books, choosing which story idea to work on next can be difficult. We’re creative and we’ve generally got a lot of ideas! Since I started writing when traditional publishing was pretty much the only way to go (unless you wanted to fill your garage with boxes…

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