Write a Book, Change the World

I believe any of us could write a book that impacts the world in a positive way, and I want to encourage and help you to do so!

Each week on the podcast, there will be a Teaching episode on Tuesday, an Interview episode on Thursday, and an Encouragement episode every Sunday.

Notice those first letters, T-I-E? I'd like to help you tie together all the parts of your writing life.


About The Show

I'm Kitty Bucholtz, the voice behind WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast. I've been through a lot of the same struggles you have as I learned how to write the best books I could and publish them myself.

I can't help but share what I've learned with my friends - and now you're one of them! So I've created a podcast in addition to the courses I teach and the nonfiction articles (and soon books) I've written. I hope I can help you write and publish books that will change the world!

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An online course where Kitty leads you step-by-step through 12 lessons
to help you plan your year and manage your time. Includes a live half-day online workshop where we'll plan our calendars together.

"I am so glad I took Kitty's class. It was easy to follow and very thorough. It really made me think about what kind of self-published writer I want to be."

Tracy Reed
Author of Generational Curse

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