047I – Why Writers Need Visual Content: An Interview with Elena Dillon

Episode 047I Why Writers Need Visual Content

YA Author Elena Dillon is the queen of helping confused and terrified writers learn to do things they didn’t think they could! Her website, Confused and Terrified Writer, is filled with helpful information about how to create excellent visual content for writers, as well as other helpful things, like a free how-to-use-Scrivener class.

In this incredibly helpful interview, Elena gives us a lot of information and tells us about websites we need to check out. Here are the links:

  • Her video on How to Use Canva
  • Her online class (which I’m in!) Visual Content Marketing for Authors – and you can get 30% off when you use the coupon code Author30
  • Her free online class Scrivener Basics
  • The Pinterest account for The Pink Duchess that Elena consulted on. “She rebranded it and it looks beautiful and well branded. I’m so proud! It is a lingerie site so lots of women in skimpy underwear, FYI!”
  • Elena’s Pinterest account
  • Elena suggests looking at well-branded author Pinterest accounts for inspiration. Debra Kristi is a YA Fantasy Author. “Her Pinterest is very well branded to the genre she writes and is an amazing example of how to manage your account.”
  • Also look at Brenna Aubrey. “This Geek Girl Romance author’s boards have her books and quotes from her books. She’s done very well at keeping to just her brand even though there aren’t a ton of boards; what she’s got is good.”
  • Tailwind, an online app that will help you schedule posts, monitor and analyze information and more for your Pinterest and Instagram accounts

All this and more is in the interview, so check it out! And remember – use the coupon code Author30 to get 30% off Elena’s excellent Visual Content Marketing for Authors class! I’ll see you there! 😀

About the author, Kitty

Kitty Bucholtz writes superhero urban fantasy and romantic comedy, often with an inspirational element woven in. After earning her M.A. in Creative Writing, she formed Daydreamer Entertainment and began self-publishing. Founder of the WRITE NOW! Workshop and the new WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast, she loves to teach in person and online. Learn more at https://www.writenowworkshop.com.

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