About the Show

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Welcome to WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast, the show that helps you write books that could change the world!

Writers at all points in their careers need to keep learning, keep pushing themselves to become better creators and better business people. Podcasts are an excellent way to provide information. Listen and learn while you drive, exercise, do the dishes - anytime that works in your busy schedule.

Now you may not have time to listen to long podcasts, so I've come up with the perfect solution for you. Each week you'll be able to listen to three shorter episodes targeted at a single topic.

On Tuesdays, there will be a short teaching episode about something you can use immediately in your writing or your business. Thursdays will showcase an author or editor or someone else in the publishing business. And on Sundays, I'll share some encouraging words with you to help you keep up your spirits.

Listen to the episodes here or subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Enjoy!