How to Write a Spy Novel: An Interview with James R Hannibal


Today’s guest is former stealth pilot and award-winning novelist, James R Hannibal. His latest novel, The Paris Betrayal, is a spy left out in the cold story so we decided to talk about exactly how to write a spy novel!

You’ll have a great time listening to James explain how to create a great spy story! Learn more about him and his books at his website Read his blog post about escaping the research bog here: Find out what James is doing with the DragonRaid game at And read The Paris Betrayal, out now.

About the author, Kitty

Kitty Bucholtz writes superhero urban fantasy and romantic comedy, often with an inspirational element woven in. After earning her M.A. in Creative Writing, she formed Daydreamer Entertainment and began self-publishing. Founder of the WRITE NOW! Workshop and the new WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast, she loves to teach in person and online. Learn more at