Novelizing True Crime: An Interview with Jennifer Dornbush


Our guest today is Jennifer Graeser Dornbush, screenwriter, author, international speaker, and forensic specialist. Her father was a medical examiner with a home office, so Jennifer grew up around death. She participated in her first fatality investigation when she was eight years old, and she’s been involved in writing about crime ever since.

Jennifer explains how she found a crime that she couldn’t stop thinking about so she decided to write about it. That book, Hole in the Woods, was just released in August 2020. She shares how she decided what facts to keep in the story, what parts she wanted to change, and why. If you’re at all interested in writing crime fiction – or nonfiction – this is the episode for you!

Learn more about Jennifer, her books – including Forensic Speak, a guide to writing about forensics accurately – and her speaking availability at her website,

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