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Writing From the Middle: An Interview with James Scott Bell – ENCORE

Episode 171I Writing From the Middle

EPISODE 171I James Scott Bell is a Christy Award-winning and International Thriller Writers Award-winning author in several fiction genres, and a beloved and sought-after writing teacher. He has written many nonfiction titles on the craft of writing, including several for Writer’s Digest Books. In today’s episode, Jim talks about how he got the idea for…

Preparing to Plan for the New Year

EPISODE 170T Today’s guest is – ME! 😀 In January 2018, James Blatch interviewed me on The Self Publishing Show Podcast (then called Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula Podcast) about time management for writers. I’ve been teaching a class called Going the Distance for over a decade, helping other writers plan their time so they…

A Bowl of Sunshine

EPISODE 168E A friend told me the funniest thing the other day in a Facebook comment – and I had to share it with you. Such a smart, funny bit of philosophy that can apply to so many areas of life!

Encouragement to Take a Leap

EPISODE 167T A couple weeks ago, I spoke to my Rotary Club about myself and ended with what I hoped was an encouraging push for everyone to believe that they have a lot to give to the world, no matter background or age. I hope listening to my talk encourages you to believe you have…