Reedsy and Your Publishing Needs: An Interview with Ricardo Fayet


Today’s guest is Ricardo Fayet, one of the founders of Reedsy, a one-stop shop for writers. At Reedsy, authors can find editors, book cover designers, marketers and more to help with the business of publishing a great book. Writers can also use the Reedsy Book Editor, and learn a ton from the blog, Reedsy Live (live webinars), and Reedsy Learning — all for free.

We talk about these things as well as Ricardo’s first book, How to Market a Book: Overperforming in a Crowded Market. It just came out in January 2021, and is free as an ebook, and also available in print. Ricardo gives us so much valuable information in this episode, you’ll need to take time to write it all down!

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About the author, Kitty

Kitty Bucholtz writes superhero urban fantasy and romantic comedy, often with an inspirational element woven in. After earning her M.A. in Creative Writing, she formed Daydreamer Entertainment and began self-publishing. Founder of the WRITE NOW! Workshop and the new WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast, she loves to teach in person and online. Learn more at