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107E – Planted, Not Buried

Episode 107E Planted Not Buried

Sometimes we feel stuck. Maybe a little, like walking in a bog. Maybe a lot, like waist-deep. Maybe we sometimes even feel we’re totally buried, cold, in the dark, alone. Imagine, though, that you’re not buried but…planted. Like a seed that gets planted in the spring, maybe this is a very temporary season, one which…

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076T – Burnout: Getting Through to the Other Side

Episode 076T Burnout Getting Through to the Other Side

In this deeply personal episode about my journey into burnout and my quest for a way out, I mention several articles and Bible verses which helped change my perspective and show me a path back to peace. Among those is this article on Psychology Today, “The Telltale Symptoms of Burnout…Do You Have Them?“ Definitely look…

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