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Managing an Online Literary Magazine: An Interview with Carol L White and AE Decker

Episode 158I Managing Online Lit Magazine

EPISODE 158I Join us today as Carol L Wright and AE Decker from the Bethlehem Writers Group share their wisdom and experiences in creating an online literary magazine. Carol and Ann explain how it all started, some of the mistakes made along the way, and how they found their groove. In addition to the quarterly…

Passion and Positivity for Mental Health: An Interview with Ellie Rhodes

Episode 157I Passion and Positivity for Mental Health

Today’s guest is Ellie Rhodes, a product manager (and copywriter!) at Ubisoft Montreal, a video game developer. Ellie has tweeted her experiences in the area of anxiety, depression, and burnout, sharing tips with her followers about coping mechanisms and just helping others know they are not alone. We talk about burnout and the video game…

Anthologies for Writers Groups: An Interview with Marianne H. Donley

Episode 153I Anthologies for Writers Groups

EPISODE 153I Today’s guest is Marianne H. Donley, a writer who has worked with her writers group to put out several fiction anthologies over the last several years. She uses this experience as an example for her tips and suggestions for you if you’re thinking about getting some writers together and creating an anthology. There…

Advice From a Bookseller: An Interview with Jodie Brandt

Episode 151I Advice From a Bookseller

EPISODE 151I Today‚Äôs guest is Jodie Brandt, senior bookseller at Brilliant Books, an independent bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan. Jodie shares some ideas on how to approach Brilliant Books or another bookstore as an author. You can find more information on what Brilliant Books is looking for in authors who would like to do a…

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Even Superman Had a Day Job: An Interview with Margaret Ethridge

Episode 148I Even Superman Had a Day Job

EPISODE 148I Today’s guest is Margaret Ethridge, author of Contentment and Commitment, who also writes as Maggie Wells, author of Love Game and Play Dates. Margaret likes to write about life choices, and she often uses her own life as a jumping off point for ideas. For instance, she loves college football, so she created…