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131I – A Forensic Genealogist as a Character: An Interview with Elizabeth Goddard

Episode 131I A Forensic Genealogist as a Character

Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of over 40 novels of adventure, romance, and suspense. Today we talk about her latest book, Never Let Go, book one in her new series, Uncommon Justice. The main character in Never Let Go is a forensic genealogist trying to find a missing person. Elizabeth first heard of this…

096I – Diversity and Disabled Characters: An Interview with Kathryn R Biel

Episode 096I Diversity and Disabled Characters

Today’s guest is Kathryn R Biel, author of chick lit, romantic comedies, women’s fiction, and more – and probably no relation to actor Jessica Biel, although she’s asked that a lot. Due to a horrendous Internet connection that was constantly going out the day before, when we recorded the interview a second time we were…

033E – Find Your People

Episode 033E Find Your People

Seth Godin wrote a book called Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us nearly ten years ago. Since then, “tribe” has become a common part of our lexicon, especially among writers, entrepreneurs, and online business people. It is so exciting the first time you meet up with people who get you, your people, your tribe!…

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