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122I – Finding Your Voice in Audiobooks: An Interview with Will Dages

Episode 122I Finding Your Voice in Audiobooks

Will Dages joins us today from Findaway Voices, part of the larger company, Findaway. Will is Head of Product there, which is perfect for him since he’s an avid audiobook listener and the kind of guy you can tell really wants to help you, the author, succeed. After a quick background into how they started…

119T – Knowing Your WHY Will Change Your Writing

Episode 119T Knowing Your Why Will Change Your Writing

Today’s episode is taken from a live writing workshop I taught at my church in Malmö, Sweden, in November 2018. In this first portion of the talk, I discuss the “why” of your writing and how that “why” will help you choose topics and stories that will impact your audience to a greater degree. (See…

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115I – How the Story Changes: An Interview with Shawn Smucker

Episode 115I How the Story Changes: An Interview with Shawn Smucker

Today, we’re back again with Shawn Smucker, but this time we’re talking about nonfiction and his new memoir, Once We Were Strangers. It’s the story of how Shawn came to have a friendship with a Syrian refugee in Shawn’s hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how their friendship changed both men. This book moved me like…

089I – Keeping a Travel Journal: An Interview with Marcy Weydemuller

Episode 089I Keeping a Travel Journal

Editor and writing teacher Marcy Weydemuller is back to show us how to use travel journaling to create both fiction and nonfiction. She’s been blogging about the topic (starting with this post) as well as several other topics in her journaling series. She’s got some great ideas on how to get started and how to…