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124T – Understanding the Basics of Publishing

Episode 124T Understanding the Basics of Publishing

A friend of mine asked me to help her understand a little about publishing because her father had written a novel and she wanted to make sure he didn’t get taken advantage of. This is some of the information I shared with her. There are two main ways to publish a book – traditional publishing,…

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100I – The Expanding World of Kobo: An Interview with Christine Munroe

Episode 100I The Expanding World of Kobo

Today marks the 100th episode of WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast! Woohoo!!! 😀 Very exciting day for me! To celebrate, I asked Christine Munroe, Director of Kobo Writing Life, if she would be our guest today. 😀 She graciously agreed, and we had a wonderful time talking about all the many things Kobo is doing with…

096I – Diversity and Disabled Characters: An Interview with Kathryn R Biel

Episode 096I Diversity and Disabled Characters

Today’s guest is Kathryn R Biel, author of chick lit, romantic comedies, women’s fiction, and more – and probably no relation to actor Jessica Biel, although she’s asked that a lot. Due to a horrendous Internet connection that was constantly going out the day before, when we recorded the interview a second time we were…

055T – 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Self-Publishing, Pt 2 of 2

Episode 055T 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Self-Publishing part 2 of 2

Last week, in Episode 52, I went through the first half of my list of ten things you should know to help you decide if self-publishing is a path you might want to take. Today I’m going through the second half of the list so that you know what questions you need to ask yourself,…