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Breaking All the Rules: An Interview with Samuel Parker

Episode 133I Breaking All the Rules

EPISODE 133I Today’s guest is Samuel Parker, a suspense/thriller writer talking to us today about his latest book, Border Son. I really enjoyed this story, possibly because it wasn’t the “usual” type of suspense book I’m used to. Samuel says it’s not the usual build-up-and-crescendo-three-times kind of structure. He sees the scenes and writes to…

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Creating Depth From Within: An Interview with Suzanne Woods Fisher

Episode 132I Creating Depth From Within

EPISODE 132I Suzanne Woods Fisher is back with us again! In October 2018, she spoke about strong Quaker women, and today we’re talking about the Amish. Suzanne’s interest in the Amish comes partly through her grandfather, who was raised Plain. There is an appeal to simplifying your life, but there’s more to our fascination than…

131I – A Forensic Genealogist as a Character: An Interview with Elizabeth Goddard

Episode 131I A Forensic Genealogist as a Character

Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of over 40 novels of adventure, romance, and suspense. Today we talk about her latest book, Never Let Go, book one in her new series, Uncommon Justice. The main character in Never Let Go is a forensic genealogist trying to find a missing person. Elizabeth first heard of this…

129I – One Story Spanning Generations: An Interview with Erin Bartels

Episode 131I One Story Spanning Generations

New author Erin Bartels joins us today to talk about her novel, We Hope For Better Things. While this is her first published book, Erin has been involved in the publishing industry for over fifteen years. She shares her story of how the book came about, how long she researched it before she started writing,…

127I – The 5-Part Story: An Interview with Sean Gaffney

Episode 127I The 5-Part Story: An Interview with Sean Gaffney

Today’s guest is the fun and multi-talented writer, Sean Gaffney. He has written professionally for theater, film, television, and the web. He has also taught most of these forms of writing for universities and arts organizations. In our interview, Sean and I cover a wide range of topics, but it all comes back to one…

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